Getting started…

Welcome to 23 mobile things.

Before you begin working your way through the things, please complete a very quick self assessment survey.  This short anonymous survey is designed to help us make the program even better and understand the value of a program like this.

7 Comments on “Getting started…

  1. Of course it would help if I could get my mitts on a tablet just for me. It would be my Preciousss… :-)

  2. This sounds like an exciting opportunity to gain confidence, knowledge and application of mobile technologies. Looking forward to learning.

  3. Is this an updated version of the original Learning 2.0 program? I did it a few years ago, so am looking at doing a refresher.

    • Yes, recent developments in mobile technology (smartphones and tablets) and the popularity of apps make it a good time to explore further.

      • An awesome idea, great to keep us Librarians up skilled although a lot of us are already using most of these tools already. Looking forward to it

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