Thing 11 : Augmented reality

Abbreviated as AR,  augmented reality is the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (eg. through a smartphone camera).  This video gives you a quick introduction to some of its potential.   Perhaps you’ve heard about a recent example,  Google Glasses  are location aware, computerised eyeglasses  that will display information to the side of what you’re viewing.  There are quite a few AR applications that could be employed in library environments and in this Thing we’d like you to explore some of the possibilities:




  • Could the wayfinding in your library environment be improved with AR? Would an information literacy guided tour of your library be improved by including AR technology?
  • Could you use an AR app like Lookator to make it easy for students to find the wifi hotspots on campus?
  • Is there complex equipment in your library? Perhaps a video demonstration could provide assistance to customers if it were available at the point of need via AR?
  • Do you serve clients from different language backgrounds?  Could you create an AR guide in their preferred language to help them orient to the library environment and services?
  • Are you engaging with your community to plan a new library space?  Could you let them move the furniture around using an AR app like Augment [iOS version and Android  version]?
  • Could you overlay local history film and audio clips into your local environment using an AR app?
  • What would your summer reading club be like if you incorporated AR features?

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  2. I so like the idea of using AR in library design, hopefully it would help avoid costly mistakes. We have a couple of pieces of equipment in general use that we have to constantly explain to customers so I can see that might be helped with a video. I think Uni libraries are generally so huge that having an AR map would be very useful, especially for new students.

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