Thing 15: Adobe ID

What is Adobe Digital Editions and why do I need an Adobe ID?

Adobe Digital Editions is free software that is frequently used to display eBooks (ePUB and PDF) on your PC or mobile device.  See the list of the Digital Editions Supported Devices.  If you want to download library eBooks you will often need to use Bluefire Reader and it works with Adobe Digital Editions, to access this program you will need an Adobe ID which is typically your email address and password for authentication and to sign in to your Adobe account.  Adobe ID is also used for other Adobe products eg Photoshop, etc.


  • Where can I get Adobe Digital Editions software for a mobile device?
  • How do I sign up for an Adobe ID? If you already have other Adobe software, you may have an Adobe ID already. See the Adobe ID FAQs
  • Where do I get Bluefire Reader apps for my mobile device? (iPad and Android)
  • How do I use Bluefire Reader? Here’s a demonstration on Slideshare.



  • Do you provide information to guide your library clients in downloading eBooks and reader apps? Cranston Library have published instructions on Slideshare
  • What about different guides for specific devices? Waukegan Public Library have a guide.
  • Adobe Digital Editions allows ebooks to be transferred between multiple computers and mobile devices, do your customers read books on only one device or do you need to give them tips on switching between devices?
  • Adobe Digital Editions is compatible with screen reading software JAWS, NVDA or Window-Eyes on Windows and VoiceOver on Mac. Do you promote your ebook collections to clients with visual disabilities?
  • How does the user experience of downloading eBooks from your library compare to other experiences your library clients may have (eg. Kindle books, iTunes, Google books etc.)?

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  1. We don’t have any library generated videos or sideshows to explain downloading ebooks or audiobooks. We use the ones that were created by Overdrive and One Click Audio. We don’t have different slide shows for different devices either. But I think what has been made available is very straightforward and easy to follow. Some of the more tech savvy customers know that they can read across multiple devices etc but others need to be advised. One Click Digital is heavily used by our Home Library service, many of whom are sight impaired.

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