Thing 22: eResources and vendor apps

Some electronic resources (eg. databases, eBooks, magazines, etc.) are accessible via apps provided by the vendors. This thing is not a recommendation of any particular vendor or product, but is designed to get you to think about your library client’s experience when they use these apps to access your content. Throughout 23 Mobile Things you will have discovered for yourself how variable the experience can be depending on the device you have, the connectivity in your area and the compatibility of apps. All of these factors are important for user experience (UX).




  • What information do the vendors collect from your clients via the app?
  • What use statistics do you get from vendor apps?
  • Are clients who use the app easily able to move to other library resources?
  • How do you evaluate vendor apps before offering them to your clients?
  • Which vendor apps could your staff use (e.g. library management system)?
  • In what ways does offering core library services via mobile apps change the way the library reaches people?

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  2. Great list. I use overdirve all the time and it helps to give me insight on critical business topics when i’m travelling or in the car. Keen to check out a few of the ones you listed here they look great! Absolutely agree the UX is critical to the success of an app. Thanks for sharing Mylee!

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  6. We have Mango and Overdrive available for our users. Overdrive has really taken off now that so many people own tablets, in fact we seem to spend a lot of our day talking about it and showing people how to use it. We get valuable stats in terms of collection management but the stats don’t seem to integrate with our other circ stats as well as they could. Mango seems to be under used and we are having a push on promoting the resource, time will tell.

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