Welcome to 23 mobile things for libraries!
When Helene Blowers and the team at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County launched the first 23 things program in 2006 they took the library world by storm.  A self paced course that offers library workers the chance to build their awareness, knowledge and skills at their own pace is a fun professional development tool.  This program builds on their concept and seeks to explore the added potential of mobile devices.  The first version of 23 mobile things was developed for the library team at Guldborgsund-bibliotekerene in Danish.  The English language version of the course will explore apps and social networking tools for both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Why mobile?
We are interested in exploring ways that libraries and library staff can use mobile technologies to deliver library services, to engage with their communities and for their own professional development. Research from PEW Internet  explores how rapidly communities are moving to accessing their library services and websites via their own mobile device.  The user experience in your library (or museum) through the lense of a mobile device may be quite different, Ditte Laursen shares some insights in this video.

Who is writing the 23 mobile things course?
The first version of 23 mobile things was developed in Danish by Jan Holmquist. This version of the course is an international collaboration, Jan Holmquist from Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne (Denmark) and Mylee Joseph and Kathryn Barwick from the State Library of New South Wales (Australia) are working together to build the English language version of the course.   Dr Michael Stephens from the San Jose University (USA) and Tame the Web is researching the outcomes of 23 Things courses for library workers and has provided some advice to the team.


Jan Holmquist | Mylee Joseph | Kathryn Barwick 2013