Thing 2 : Taking a photo with a mobile device


All smartphones and tablet devices have a camera fitted.

  • Explore your device to take a photograph and then locate the  camera roll or gallery via the menu.
  • Mobile devices make it very easy to share photographs by email, messaging and twitter.   Take a photograph of a sign with the name of your library or museum, open your Twitter app, attach the photo and tweet it with a short message and the hashtag #23mobilethings
  • You can also take a screen shot on your device [iOS | Android]


There are many different types of photography apps you can add to your mobile device.  Some offer filters to enhance the look of your photos, most will interact with other social media tools (eg. sharing via Twitter or Facebook)  while others are part of their own social networks (eg. Instagram, Snapchat)

  • Try out Instagram (you can also have fun with Instaweather, and Instastitch).   Instagram has its own ‘jargon / language’ for example people who use Istagram refer to themselves as #igers and they often share photographs of themselves known as #selfies .  Take a photograph and upload it with the #23mobilethings hashtag. Explore the other photographs that have the same hashtag.
  • Try out an app with filters eg Hipstamatic (or others like Snapseed, SquareReady Pro and ProCamera)
  • If you have a Flickr account you can upload photographs as you take them via the Flickr app (no iPad version is available use the iPhone version)
  • Snapchat is a very popular photography app with many teenagers  they use it as a social network to communicate with friends.  iOS and Android app that allows users to send photos among their contacts, which automatically delete after a short period of time (between 1 – 10 seconds)
  • There are more useful Photography links on our Pinterest Board.



  • How could your library use photographs to promote library services, events and activities?
  • Does your library Twitter account use Instaweather to provide a daily update?
  • Do you have a permission form available so that when you take photographs of clients or events you have their agreement for those images to be used and shared online?
  • How easy is it for clients to contribute digital photographs to your library collection (eg. local history)?
  • Could you use photography in library programming (eg. how-to classes or competitions)?
  • The Getty Museum celebrates the Instagram photographs taken by museum visitors by adding them to their Insta-Getty Pinterest board

    Instaweather image Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne


Instaweather image State Library of New South Wales

State Library of NSW

9 Comments on “Thing 2 : Taking a photo with a mobile device

  1. We have a Flickr and Instagram accounts for photo sharing purposes. My main use of sharing photos is through taking a daily photo and then uploading it to Facebook and sometimes G+ and Twitter.

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  4. I love the ease of taking photos/video with my iPad. My working to overcome my unease with posting pictures online…it just seems so invasive – although I enjoy looking at others’ photos!

  5. Finally figured how to take a screen shot with my S3! Thankyou.
    The insta-getty pinterest board is a great concept.

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