Thing 3 : eMail on the move

E-mail is an indispensable part of daily life.  For example, if you forget a password the most common fix is to have a new one emailed to you. So why not have it handy on your mobile device?   You can choose to use the email feature built into your device, or you can find an app that you prefer, there are many to choose from.


  • Look in your settings to enter the details of your Gmail or other email address. (Note: you may need some extra information to attach your work or home email eg. POP or IMAP Email server settings and ports)
  • View this online tutorial on Gmail for mobile devices
  • Try sending an email to the course authors at or to a friend.
  • Take a photo and email it to yourself (note take the photo first and from the camera roll you will have an option to send it via email)



  • Try out an email app (eg. Aqua Mail  or K9-Mail  are popular choices for Android and Mailbox  is a popular iOS app as an alternative to the email feature built into your iPad / iPhone), your device may also have an app preloaded.
  • There are more useful Twitter links on our Pinterest Board 



  • How easy is it for your library clients to email a citation / catalogue entry / journal article to themselves?
  • Does your library system offer the option of email alerts to item due dates, reserved materials becoming available, event reminders?
  • Event booking systems like Eventbrite  use email reminders for people attending events.  You can also schedule extra emails and send out a feedback survey via email after an event.
  • Do you use email to alert staff to roster changes and library activities?

6 Comments on “Thing 3 : eMail on the move

  1. I’d like to be able to allow people to email themselves reminders about events on our website. The unfortunate sticking point is that we’re still using Drupal 6. If we had Drupal 7 and used the calendar module, we could do a lot of cool things regarding emails and iCal.

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  3. Wow! I really really like Mailbox, I can’t wait until it’s available for Yahoo. And I’d really love to be ale to use it at work especially with the ‘Later’ feature to bring important things to your attention at exactly the right time

  4. Email was the first and easiest thing I learned to do on my mobile device. I think it can be the ” hook” to get reluctant users on board.

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