Thing 14: Curating

Libraries and museums (and the people working in them) have a fascination with collecting, but using technology the potential for individuals to draw together their own collections of online resources is enormous.  In this Thing we are looking at online curation, using tools like Pinterest and Tumblr. We’d like to look at two aspects: (1) the way that institutions and members of the public can use various websites and tools to curate collections around their chosen topics and, using mobile apps, do this anytime and anywhere, and (2) how library workers can use these tools to curate a collection of links and resources relevant to their work and professional development.


Pinterest allows users to create virtual pinboards of images and videos according to their interests.

  • Libraries are using Pinterest for many purposes, here’s just a few examples:
  • Library workers can use Pinterest to collect resources relevant to their work. See the Pinterest boards we’re using to develop and support 23 mobile things  as an example

Tumblr, a microblogging platform, allows users to post their own content or “reblog” content posted by other users. Posts can be tagged with hashtags (e.g. #libraries. )

  • Libraries are using Tumblr in many different ways – here’s just a few examples:
    • New York Public Library is using Tumblr to promote and share information about their LIVE from the NYPL program
    • Boroondara Library (Victoria, Australia) uses Tumblr to share links to library resources, news and events, and relevant news and quotes
  • How are library workers using Tumblr for professional development?


  • New York Public Library use their Tumblr to post highlights from their collection, join in with Tumblr-wide conversations and themes (e.g. Mustache Monday , or Caturday), give updates on library events and services, and share updates about news and topics impacting on the sector
  • There are some other tools you can try for curating text-based content (e.g. blog posts, tweets, etc.), and Storify
  • If you’re looking for tools to curate collections of links and websites you could try Symbaloo and Livebinders (with Android app and iOS app options)
  • Explore more links on our Pinterest boards (Curating and Tumblr)


  • How easy is it for library clients to “pin” items from your collection (eg. do the catalogue entries for your digitised local history photographs include a “pin it” or “tumblr” button)?
  • Have you tried searching to see how much of your library’s content has already been added to Pinterest by members of the public? Just try searching for your library URL (eg.
  • Could your library use Pinterest to keep clients up to date on building re-developments at the library? eg. City of Greater Bendigo Council Pinterest board for the redevelopment of Bendigo Library
  • Could you use a mobile device to take pictures of your library spaces, displays and events and post them to Pinterest or Tumblr?
  • Could you use a group board on Pinterest to invite library clients to share book recommendations, or colleagues to share resources?

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