Thing 20: Mobile music

“The term Mobile Music generically defines digital content that can be directly sourced using a mobile device such as a smartphone (iPhone, etc.), Internet tablet, or other portable device capable of connecting to the Internet or a Wi-Fi network.” Source:  The way music is distributed has been revolutionized. More and more people subscribe to streaming services where you pay for access to a big catalogue of music instead of buying an album or downloading a single. Music is one format that is frequently affected by geo-blocking so we hope these apps are available to you wherever in the world you are, if not please be creative and search out some that are.

Please beware that you may be asked for credit card details when you use some music apps. Where this is the case be sure to unsubscribe if you don’t want to pay to continue to use the service if a free trial period applies.



  • Soundwave is a new music start up that hopes to shake up music discovery on iPhone and Android
  • Music with a copyleft / public domain or Creative Commons license is available via this Android app
  • The Freegal Mobile Application is a free and legal way to access MP3 songs via subscribing libraries. If this service is offered at your local library there are mobile apps available for Android  and iOS devices
  • For more mobile music links to explore please check out the Pinterest board 
  • A 23 mobile things playlist from Jan


  • Has streaming changed the way you listen to music and how you discover new music – or if you are new to streaming – do you think it will?
  • Does your library offer a music download or streaming service for clients? How do you promote it?
  • Could you use Soundcloud to promote a local “Loud in the Library” or “Battle of the Bands” event featuring original music?
  • Producing digital music is one of the popular programs offered to teens at Chicago’s YOUmedia  library, have you considered music themed programming for your library?

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  2. I’m a big fan of Pandora which you can use for free or purchase a pro upgrade. I have only ever used the free version which is great and allows you to make your own ‘stations’ a great way to discover new artists.

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  7. I’ve also been using iheartradio. It’s very simple with limited functionality when you look at it compared to something like spotify which looks very slick. I use them both, depending what mood I’m in. I still can’t get my head round playing the songs I like when I like….like being in charge of your own radio station…feels like I’m pirating a song even though I know I’m not. Just showing my age

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